The Good Men – Give It Up (2011 Edit)

We used to call ourselves The Good Men, and in early 1992 we made Give It Up.

Back then our studio was very basic. In fact it was a bedroom with nothing more than a bed and a few pieces of gear. For example our mixer was a dusty Boss BX 8 mixer with only a few channels and bass & treble knobs. We played the chords on a Roland D-20 that Dobre bought with some help from grandma, who was a big supporter! She had a huge stereo and would play al our records to her friends, haha! We also borrowed this EVS-1 synth module from Olav Basoski to play the arpeggio bell sounds. One day our German neighbor got angry because he didn’t like living next to dudes making house with loud drums, so he climbed up to the gutter and started banging on our window. That didn’t stop us of course.

When we gave the track to a then well known Amsterdam record label they rejected it, because they thought it needed more snaredrums or something like that. So then we went to another record company that didn’t want to put it out either, but eventually we got them convinced to give us our own label (Fresh Fruit Records) and put it on the B-side.

Who needs a G6 anyway? (ca 1993)

Then the record blew up big time and things got really crazy for us. We suddenly ended up from going to school and being unemployed to playing all over Europe, Japan and America and being driven in a limousines. That was quite something to say the least.

Now, after 19 years it was time to rerelease the song as part of our House Masters compilation. Now what do you do with a track that was so huge en so recognizable? Well, not much. We kept all the original ingredients and just did some editing, and added some oomph and swooshes. And you guys seem to like it, as it’s now climbing the beatport charts!

Check out the 2011 edit:
The Good Men – Give It Up 2011 Edit by Chocolate Puma

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