Chocolate Puma On A Geek Safari

Posted on May 8, 2012

For our upcoming compilation Pssst Music Assorti 1 we went up to our studio’s attic in search for some old master tapes. Doing so, we stumbled upon some old studio equipment we have been using over the years.

Track playing: Chocolate Puma – The Wall Between Us

About the compilation:

Back in 1995 we stopped releasing on our label Fresh Fruit Records and started a new one, Pssst Music. The main goal for this label always was, and still is, just releasing stuff we like. Wether it would be underground techno, or happy bumping house music, as long as we were feeling it, we would release it. For this reason it was possible to buy a Pssst Record that would end up in Top Of The Pops (I Wanna Be U), or a record that only beard rubbing hipsters in smelly basements would approve of (like Collin Bros. – Pontti, our worst selling record ever).

Recently, and for the first time ever in the history of Pssst, we decided it was time for a series of compilation. We kick of with Pssst Assorti 1. It features some unknown B-sides, well known remastered classics and some stuff we recently did together with Gregor Salto and Firebeatz. Exlusive for this compilation is a new Chocolate Puma track called The Wall Between Us, which fits nicely along the trippier tracks like The Good Men – Kintoki, Pontti and Jark Prongo’s Wet Pants, Smelly Elbows. For the house heads we’ve included Fresh Tunes #3 – The Man, which has that classic ’90’s house feel and Jark Prongo – Sweet Little Thing

Release date: 14-05-2012